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By Marvin G. Cleveland, President

Welcome to our new revised website, which replaces our old website of 20 years.

Glacier Machinery has been selling plastics manufacturing machines and auxiliary

equipment for over 40 years. 


I personally, ran my first injection molding machine in

1966, and have owned all or part of a couple injection molding companies.


Glacier has developed customers in Asia, Australia, Europe, North, South and Central America over these past 40 years.  We sell both new and used machinery for all lines of plastic machinery, some rubber and thermoset machinery, and some machine tools, but our expertise is in plastics machinery.


Customers will tell us that they are looking for a specific machine, and we go find it for them.  After doing this for so long, we usually know where to look to find it.


Give us a call or email, see what we can do for you.   


Thanks, Marv

                                                                                                                   June 15, 2020

Glacier Machinery sales corp

PO BOX 130486

saint Paul, Minnesota 55113 usa


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